Provision #142: Change your Focus

LifeTrek Provision Lastweek I made the observation that the average person has about 50,000 thoughts aday and that 95 percent of them are the same ones he or she had the daybefore.• Many of these thoughts arebenign reminders of what needs to get done and how to do it. “Shave. Change theblade. Turn the key. Go […]

Provision #141: Change your Focus

LifeTrek Provision Whilepeople may have different amounts of money, we all have the same amount oftime. And most of us have more or less the same amount of conscious time, whenwe’re awake and paying attention to life. What’sthe focus of your attention? Attention is like a spotlight. You see what youshine it on; the rest […]

Provision #140: Change your Name

LifeTrek Provision The conversation continues about the impact ofhandwriting on the deeper levels of personality. One reader replied, “I’mskeptical as well but I will try it in the spirit that (1) there is no risk,and (2) I have everything to gain if it works.” Especially, I might add, if youhave sloppy handwriting. Another reader replied […]

Provision #139: Change your Surroundings

LifeTrek Provision Whiletwo readers thanked me for last week’s tip on changing your handwriting, ordoing what Ron Scott calls GraphAerobics, two other readers voicedskepticism that this tip would actually work. I wasskeptical too until I heard Ron speak. He presented impressive first-handanecdotal evidence after working for two decades in the area of handwritinganalysis for major U.S. […]

Provision #138: Change your Handwriting

LifeTrek Provision This week I begin a new series of LifeTrek Provisions that I call: “Ten Simple Things You Can Do To Change Your Life.” Over the next 10 weeks we will explore each one in detail. None of them requires an enormous amount of effort but they all have the potential to make an […]