Provision #148: Change your Heart

LifeTrek Provision We’re at the end of my serieson 10 things you can change about yourself to change your life. They startedout so simple: change your handwriting, surroundings, and name. They ended upgetting progressively harder: change your focus, script, religion, consumption,relationships, and trust. Still, none of them are beyond anyone’s reach andthey don’t depend on […]

Provision #146: Change your Trust

LifeTrek Provision Trust is a big deal in our family. Megan, who has herdoctorate in educational administration, wrote her dissertation on trust inschools. When trust is present, things work better and students learn more.When trust is absent, things break down and students learn less. It’s easier to define the absence of trust than itspresence: suspicion, […]

Provision #145: Change your Relationships

LifeTrek Provision Atthe International Coach Federation meeting in October Talane Miedaner talkedduring one of the workshops about the dynamic of flow in life. Life is neverstatic, at least not until it’s over. Einstein proved that with his famousequation E=mc2. Not even solid rock is static. It’s actually abundle of enormous energy, interacting with other energies […]

Provision #144: Change your Consumption

LifeTrek Provision First, I want to welcome our many new subscribers andfriends. At the end of last year I invited my 300 loyal readers to send me thee-mail address of one other person who might enjoy receiving these tips. Your responsehas been generous, encouraging, and humbling. So far I have received anadditional 50 names and […]

Provision #143: Change your Religion

LifeTrek Provision How’s that for a tip, during this holiday time of year? No, I’m not on a crusade to convert you to my branch of Christianity. I am rather encouraging you to look at your underlying beliefs about life and to change them, if need be, into something less deterministic, legalistic, and oppressive. This […]