Provision #625: Stress Proof Your Relationships

Laser Provision There’s no end to the relationships in our lives; from the cradle to the grave we are bound together with others. Those relationships can either make life more wonderful or more miserable. At times they do a little of both. How do your relationships look right now? This Provision describes and makes some […]

Provision #624: Stress Proof Your Money

Laser Provision Stress proof your money. How’s that for a theme that coincides with the American, Independence-Day holiday! In the midst of a global recession, money has become more of a stress for more people than ever before. Ironically, money can stress people on both sides of the equation. Too much money can pose as […]

Provision #623: Stress Proof Your Wellness

Laser Provision It’s been said, “Those who do have health, have many wishes. Those who do not have health, have but one wish.” Although that’s not exactly true, per my series on Life-Giving Needs, the point is well taken. Nothing contributes more to a sense of distress than poor health. The key, then is to stress […]

Provision #622: Stress Proof Your Routines

Laser Provision Tell me your daily routines and I will tell you your future. To stress-proof our lives we not only need to do inner work, such as we talked about in the last two Provisions, we also need to do outer work. And that takes many forms. In this Provision we look at the […]

Provision #621: Stress Proof Your Self Talk

Laser Provision In his famous collection of poems, Leaves of Grass, first published in 1855, Walt Whitman includes a poem that eventually came to be called, “Song of Myself”. The poem includes the following lines: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.” This was not the poem […]