Provision #630: Chautauqua Credo

Laser Provision What do you believe about God, humanity, and the nature of the universe? A daunting set of topics to be sure, but this past week at the Chautauqua Institution I heard an interesting lecture on the topic that I thought I would pass along for this week’s Provision. Doing so has helped me […]

Provision #629: Stress Relievers

Laser Provision Today we wrap up our series on stress with a summary of the four stress assessments and the nine stress-proofing practices we have reviewed over the past few months. Many readers tell me they love my summaries, because they help to crystallize the learning we have experienced by exploring a topic together. I […]

Provision #628: Stress Proof Your Spirit

Laser Provision How do we stress proof our life? By paying attention to the spirit within. That which animates our thoughts, feelings, and actions brings us joy as long as it is fully-expressed and life-affirming. Put that under a bushel, hide or constrain it in day to day living, and our spirit lacks passion. Twist […]

Provision #627: Stress Proof Your Environments

Laser Provision Although we haven’t always named them as such, we’ve been talking about environments for the past several weeks. The relationships in our lives represent one environment. The finances represent another. Today we address the topic more fully, paying attention to a variety of physical, natural, and systemic environments. It’s important to make sure […]

Provision #626: Stress Proof Your Love

Laser Provision Last week I wrote about how to stress proof our relationships in the workplace; this week, I focus on the home. What does your home look like? How would you describe the atmosphere? What is the quality of the relationship between partners, spouses, and generations? If that relationship is a bit stressed right […]