Priorities Survey

Coaching is about aligning your life with your values; it’s about clarifying and strengthening your standards (what you hold yourself to) and boundaries (what you hold others to). Whether or not you have consciously set your priorities, you can recognize them when you step back and look at your life and work.

The coaching process will surface and celebrate the things that are important to you and that you hold dear. To come from these things is to live and work in integrity, which unleashes the energy, creativity, and passion that generate exceptional results.

Please answer the following three questions with as much detail as possible. The more fully you describe your values and priorities, the more powerful they will be. We look forward to building on your answers in our coaching conversations for a rich harvest of success, satisfaction, and significance in life and work.

Priorities Survey

  • (Without being humble, describe what you value most about yourself. When you are most pleased with your life and work, what are you saying, doing, and being? Write out your thoughts in detail.)
  • (What situations tend to bring out your best? What conditions enable you to shine? Brainstorm every factor that comes to mind.)
  • (What do you claim as the guiding value of your life and work? It may not be fully reflected now, but you would like to fully reflect it in the future. Write out your thoughts in detail.)
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