Provision #800: Give your Zest a Rest

Laser Provision If I am known for anything I am known for my zest. I have lots of energy and it’s hard to get me to sit still for long. I always have some new idea as to how to make life better or how to get something done or how to take a project […]

Provision #799: Lift Off

Laser Provision I have spent the past week in Las Vegas, Nevada, visiting my doctor daughter and dynamic son-in-law. We had a great time seeing shows and enjoying each other’s company. Along the way, I had a few more seizures which, although disappointing, is all part of the process of healing. The experience of coming […]

Provision #798: Generosity Follows

Laser Provision Last week I wrote about how my current seizure disorder, which came out of nowhere and will disappear eventually, could be a gift. This week I want to focus on how it is the gift that keeps on giving. Want to know how to become a more generous, caring, and giving person in […]

Provision #797: Resurrection Flowers

Laser Provision It’s been a month now since my last seizure, which is a record since this ordeal all began on August 30, 2012. They tell me that’s good news. Just as brains that get in the habit of seizing keep on seizing the opposite is also true: brains that get out of the habit […]

Provision #796: Gifts Abound

Laser Provision Two weeks ago I wrote about the strange possibility that the trauma of my seizures and a coma could be gift. I believe strongly in that possibility and I also know, deep in my heart, that my subsequent seizures and struggles represent a phase in my life rather than the rest of my […]