Provision #805: Love Like Butterflies

There are around 20,000 species of butterflies, with the earliest known fossils dating between 40-50 million years ago. That’s a long time. Many butterflies are famous for their migrations. Some, such as the Monarch, migrate for distances of up to 4,800 kilometers or 3,000 miles. That’s a long way! Given the durability and tenacity of […]

Provision #805: On Boston, Memory & Graceland

Laser Provision As a long-time marathon runner, including the Boston marathon, I thought I would never forget the horror of the bombings on April 15, 2013. Yet I have, in fact, forgotten those horrific events from time to time only to have to be prompted in order to remember them all over again. Then they […]

Provision #804: Sleep Matters More

Laser Provision Bad news. After a period of progress, my seizures have returned over the past week or two. In mid January, I wrote a Provision titled Sleep Matters. Today I want to revisit that Provision, with a few new reflections. Sleep matters even more than I thought. Taking regular breaks and getting a good night’s sleep […]

Provision #803: Patterns Matter

Laser Provision How would you describe your daily patterns? Your weekly patterns? Your monthly patterns? Simply put, patterns matter when it comes to life and work. They can either be life serving or life denying; they can either build up or tear down your body, mind, and spirit. I’ve been paying attention to my life […]

Provision #801: Music Matters

Laser Provision It’s impossible to find adequate words to describe how important music has become in my life as part of the healing process from the seizure disorder that started in my brain almost seven months ago. Quite simply: music is not only soothing to the brain, it takes the brain to whole new levels […]