Provision #810: Mix-ups Happen

Laser Provision Last week I sent out Provision #809: Be Your True Self, but guess what? It may be hard to imagine (Ha!) but I made a mistake! I numbered it Provision #810 and, yes, an alert reader of Provisions pointed out the mix up. Well, that forms the basis of this week’s Provision: Mix-ups Happen. And […]

Provision #809: Be Your True Self

Laser Provision So my unusual seizure disorder has kicked up again, as you know if you have been reading my recent Provisions, and it has led to numerous challenges and interventions, including an upcoming trip to the Mayo Clinic – where one of the world’s experts on this rare condition hangs out. Along the way, […]

Provision #808: Over the Rainbow

Laser Provision In late March I wrote a Provision titled, “Music Matters”. Today, I want to celebrate a specific song that has, perhaps, been recorded more often by more artists over the past century than any other: “Over the Rainbow”. Indeed, it’s been said that no vocal musician’s repertoire is complete until they have recorded […]

Provision #807: Take a Risk

Laser Provision Last week I wrote about the power of “Trial & Adjustment” after watching the movie Regarding Henry. This week I want to take that one step further, by sharing my reflections on the 2009 French-German film, Queen to Play. What a delightful story!  It highlights important, additional aspects of “Trial & Adjustment”. Trial always involves […]

Provision #806: Trial & Adjustment

Laser Provision There’s something unfortunate about the notion of “trial and error” or even of “trial and correction”. When things don’t work out nicely or as we hope, that doesn’t mean we have done something wrong or even that what we have done needs to be corrected. It simply means that we have to try […]