Provision #830: Seized to Be Amazed

Laser Provision Every time I gain more mental clarity, I also gain more amazement and astonishment over what has happened to me, to my brain, and to my family since I had that first, fateful seizure on August 30, 2012. After returning from the hospitals and rehab facilities, almost three months later, I launched this […]

Provision #829: Big Time Testing

Laser Provision It’s hard for me to not have some sense of responsibility and guilt for all that has happened to me since I got big-time sick at the end of last August. But maybe there’s a larger truth here. Maybe something wonderful is trying to emerge, in its own curious way and time. A […]

Provision #828: Weeping

Laser Provision As someone who hardly ever used to cry at all, it’s amazing to me how much I cry now. It happens multiple times a day. I don’t try to cry; it just happens. And, indeed, there is much to cry about in life. But I never used to notice those things in ways […]

Provision #827: This Is Our Life

Laser Provision It’s easy for me to start apologizing to my wife and loved ones for all the trouble I have caused them over the past year by getting sick. It’s easy for me to feel a mixture guilt, sadness, and shame. It’s easy for me to say, “I’m sorry for ruining our life.” That’s […]

Provision #826: First Things First

Laser Provision What are your top priorities in life and do you give them the attention they deserve? My struggles with epilepsy over the past 12+ months, reflected upon more-or-less weekly since the end of November 2012, in my current Provision series, Seized by Life, has brought those questions to the fore in my life. How […]