Provision #790: Read Labels

Laser Provision I’ve written about this before and it’s time to put this forward again: it’s important to read labels if we want to live and eat healthy. Since waking up from my coma / seizure disorder, I have been a little lax and a little forgetful as to my own principles. That really struck […]

Provision #789: Crying Helps

Laser Provision As I wrote last week, I have done more crying since the advent of my seizure disorder on August 30, 2012 than I have done in the past 58 years of my life. That’s been especially true when watching touching and tender movies or receiving heart-warming expressions of love, but other things can […]

Provision #788: Unbidden

Laser Provision We put the poem in today’s Provision on the blog that’s been tracking my life, but I want to add a few reflections here that grow out of the many reader replies from last week’s Provision. I particularly like the comment from Ruth Ann Harnisch of the Harnisch Foundation: “My late first husband used […]

Provision #787: Seized by Life

Laser Provision As many of you know, on August 30, 2012 I had a seizure and fell down a flight of stairs which began a new phase of my life. Since that time, I have had multiple seizures and episodes, coming close to the brink of life and death itself with my heart stopping five […]