Provision #840: Released for Life

LifeTrek Provision Since November 25 of last year, 2012, I have been writing a series of Provisions growing out of my experience with epilepsy. The series started with a with a play on words for it’s title: Seized by Life. The reason that represents a play on words is because seizures are not often thought of […]

Provision #839: Music Mends the Mind

Laser Provision In March of this year, 2013, I wrote a Provision titled Music Matters. It’s a great Provision and I encourage you to click through to read it for the first time, if you did not read it then, or to read it again, if you want to refresh your memory. Today I am sending […]

Provision #838: Suspicious Questions

Laser Provision As you can imagine, there are rules concerning the delivery of bulk emails. LifeTrek Provisions goes out to more than 12,000 people every week, around the globe, and those rules are designed to both insure delivery and to protect people against spam. I had to laugh last week when our bulk mailing program […]

Provision #837: Three Questions

Laser Provision Today’s Provision, sent out the day after my 59th birthday, reprints a beautiful story of recognition and forgiveness, originally written by Leo Tolstoy, as told by Thich Nhát Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, in his delightful book The Miracle of Mindfulness. He is famous for coining the term “engaged Buddhism”, a concept that each […]

Provision #836: Bottom of the Barrel

Laser Provision Today’s Provision continues last week’s theme, What’s Your Struggle?, by bringing in the lyrics to Amos Lee’s song, Bottom of the Barrel, the link to a live performance of the song at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, as well as the commencement address of Edwin Bridges to the Stanford University School of […]