Provision #306: Follow a Plan

Laser Provision How do you accomplish a goal? How do you enjoy yourself along the way? How do you deal with the inevitable surprises and opportunities? By following a good plan. Whether it’s running a marathon or achieving optimal financial well-being, few of us will ever get from here to there without following a plan. […]

Provision #333: Listen Connectively

Laser Provision Listen connectively. In many ways, that’s what all listening is about. We listen for and make connections that generate meaning, hope, and energy. When that happens, listening becomes a great source of comfort, support, and strength. Whether we listen to our own stories that way, or to the stories of others, connective listening […]

Provision #418: Embrace Hope

Laser Provision Regardless of the situation, there is always room for hope. Sometimes the basis for hope is obvious. We can easily see how things will work out. Other times the basis for hope is hidden. We have to rely on the mysterious and subtle energies of life to work things out, one way or […]

Provision #458: Mucked Up Moments

Laser Provision Among runners, DNF is perhaps the most dreaded of acronyms: Did Not Finish. Last Saturday I ran but did not finish the Bull Run Run, a 50-mile race in northern Virginia. Instead of leaving me devastated, however, the miserable conditions left me with a new acronym for DNF: Discovered New Frameworks. They were, […]

Provision #587: Contribute Your Joy

Laser Provision When people are fully alive they bubble over with joy. This joy is neither silly giddiness nor ignoring reality. This joy is rather the full engagement that comes from doing what you love. At its best, such engagement is not only self-serving (there’s nothing wrong with that) it’s also life-serving (bringing joy to […]