Provision #147: Let Go, Let God

LifeTrek Provision I just returned from running the race of a lifetime in LasVegas and I want to turn my reflections on the experience into the LifeTrek Provisionthat never happened over the weekend. For those of you who have no interest inrunning, I apologize. Rest assured, however, there are lessons to be learnedhere for us […]

Provision #101: Know the Race Before you Run

LifeTrek Provision On Friday of last week I had a disastrous run. And it all started out so wonderful. The weather was great • we’re in the middle of a January warm up with occasional moments of sunshine and 60-degree weather • so I put on my running shoes, stretched, and set off on my normal six-mile […]

Provision #218: Affirm Yourself

Laser Provision An early mentor in my life, deceased for many years, was fond of saying, “We accept people right where they are, just the way they are.” Guess what? The hardest person to accept is often our self. And yet self-affirmation • daily self-soothing • is a critical habit for success that we too […]

Provision #228: Be Interested

Laser Provision To act Neighborly • the first principle of nice • requires the second: we have to be Interested. Whether it’s at work or home, with colleagues, neighbors or friends, being interested in other people will make you much more attractive and successful. The more we take an interest in the experiences, welfare, and […]

Provision #307: Plan Your Receipts

Laser Provision Financial planning starts with knowing where your money comes from and how much you have to work with. A full-disclosure audit of your financial receipts can position you for everything from salary negotiations to additional education to business ventures to investment opportunities. But if you don’t know where you stand you’ll never know […]