Provision #391: Unpublished Grace

Laser Provision With all due respect to our readers in the Southern Hemisphere and Equatorial Regions of the planet, who are basking in long days and bright sunshine, I want to pose a question that is most timely for the rest of us, who are watching earnestly for those glimmers of light to mercifully illuminate […]

Provision #375: The Olympic Moment

Laser Provision The games of the 28th Olympiad conclude today in Athens, Greece. As always, these games have much to teach us about the meaning and measure of life. Tears have flowed freely over both great accomplishment and great disappointment. Tears may indeed define the Olympic moment, which I learned something about myself just two […]

Provision #180: Let Go, Let God • Part 4

Laser Provision It is possible to work smarter rather than harder, lighter rather than heavier, and stronger rather than weaker. It all depends on our preparation, attitude, orientation, and approach to life. I learned this all over again at yesterday’s Richmond marathon. Read on for the details. LifeTrek Provision Time for another installment of the […]

Provision #176: Let Go, Let God • Part 3

Laser Provision Sometimes the biggest value of taking on a significant challenge is not what you accomplish but what you learn about yourself. The Tow Path Marathon was such a challenge for me and it offers important life lessons for us all. Enjoy the race regardless of the outcome; don’t set yourself up with unrealistic […]

Provision #157: Let Go, Let God • Part 2

LifeTrek Provision “Win as if you were used to it,lose as if you enjoyed it for a change.” • Golnik Eric It is ironic that my lastLifeTrek Provision began with the question, “How does one go about growingspiritually when pressed with problems?” My answer was straightforward enough:trust in God, hope for the best, and find […]