Provision #537: What’s Your Game?

Laser Provision Last Sunday I ran the Marine Corps Marathon. Instead of running the race as fast as possible, I decided to play a different game. I decided to play the “perfect pacer” game. What’s your game? Are you winning or losing? Do you get “in the zone” while playing the game? If not, LifeTrek […]

Provision #455: My Own Race

Laser Provision Last Sunday I ran another marathon, although this one was unlike any marathon I had ever run. This one was part of a much-longer training run that my friend, Jim, and I had concocted for ourselves. Could we finish? Having never run this far before, I frankly had no idea. But we did […]

Provision #451: Pleased To Be

Laser Provision Are you pleased to be? Pleased to be alive, to be consciously engaged, to belong to a community, to control your experience, to love and to be loved, and to appreciate life? That was my experience last week as I ran the Lost Dutchman Marathon in and around Apache Junction, Arizona. The story […]

Provision #409: Painful Pleasure

Laser Provision April 18, 2005 witnessed the 109th edition of the Boston Marathon, and I stood at the start with more questions than answers as to whether I could finish the race. An injury several weeks earlier had still not healed completely, and only time would tell as to how my hip and legs would […]

Provision #402: Personal Bests

Laser Provision It’s time for another Provision in my peripatetic series on “Running as a Metaphor for Life.” In the past few weeks I’ve run two races with clients and friends • a marathon and a half-marathon • each of which has resulted in a number of “personal bests.” If it’s been a while since […]