Resilience Pathway #137: Two Words

I left the house a few minutes early to meet the kids at the bus stop. On the way up I stopped at the mail box. I had just returned from the International Coach Federation’s annual conference in Long Beach, California and I had not had a chance to check the mail for a few days. Given this and the quickly approaching holiday season, the mail box was stuffed with mail and a bundle of retail catalogs. Looking in, I noticed a Federal Express envelope, which is almost always exciting. So I reached for it, leaving the rest of the mail in the box. I opened the envelope as I walked up the street.
To my surprise, the envelope was from a past client and felt like it contained a book. As I opened the package, I was thinking to myself, “Oh, what a gift! My past client found a book she thought I’d enjoy, bought it, and mailed it to my home!!” I pulled out the book as well as a smaller envelope containing a card. I immediately noticed the book’s author on the top of the front cover • my former coaching client!!! 

Tears came to my eyes as I recalled our many conversations over a period of years about her love for writing. I flipped to the back cover and there was her photo with a short bio! She•d done it! She’d written a fabulous fiction novel and in January she received the good news that it would be published. For 11 months she kept this a secret from me.

I turned the book back over to the front cover and began to open it. I was full of emotion as I saw the 2007 publishing date on the inside cover and my client’s name on the first page with the title of the book. I turned to the second page where only two typed words appeared: “For Christina.” I thought to myself, “Do I share a name with my client’s mother or was her sister’s name Christina? Maybe Christina was one of her good friends.” 

Below the typed words “For Christina,” I found a special note to me in my client’s handwriting that reads: 

“Christina, I can’t thank you enough for turning on the light bulb inside me, the passion for writing I’d given up. This book exists because of you and your coaching talents! I’m not sure that I will ever be able to adequately repay / thank you for your help, but know that I will always be grateful and feel blessed to know such an incredible lady!”

My mind raced as I thought, “Oh my goodness, she dedicated her first published fiction novel to me! I’m the “For Christina.” Seeing those two words “For Christina” on the second page of a book created such a powerful and emotional experience for me. More tears began streaming down my face. I arrived at the bus stop so proud of my client, recalling the life challenges she courageously conquered, but also feeling very undeserving of such a gracious gift. 

My former client is an amazing lady and never gave up on her dream despite setbacks. She is a brilliant, creative, and talented author. I immediately called her to congratulate and thank her for touching my life in such a special way. She shared with me that she’s in the process of writing her next fiction book by request of the publisher. 

I feel so blessed. As a coach, I have the very best job in the world. I’m honored to be along for the ride as clients charge through obstacles and make their dreams come true. This book lived inside of my client and she brought it to life when she pursued her love for writing, allowed her creative spirit to flow, didn’t let setbacks destroy her vision, and shared her gift with the world. 

Coaching Inquiries: What is the love that you are not currently pursuing? What setbacks can empower you to continue your pursuit? What gifts do you want to begin to share with the world?.

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