Resilience Pathway #136: Determine Your Resilience

Resilience coaching explores ways of being and doing that boosts your ability to bounce back from even the largest of life’s developments. To make this happen, resilience coaching has two dimensions. The first looks carefully at our ways of being that support a resilient lifestyle. The second looks carefully at our responses. 

In recent years, the field of resilience psychology has discovered that some people are born with innate tendencies that allow them to be more resilient than others. These attributes that naturally allow some people to be more resilient are part of the resilience coaching journey. 

To get a quick idea of your level of resilience, complete the following six question sample assessment. This sample, an excerpt taken from our full resilience assessment, can provide you with an indication of your level of resilience. 

Rate each resiliency description using a scale of 1 to 5: 1=strongly disagree; 2=disagree; 3=neutral; 4=agree; 5=strongly agree

_____ I devote ample time each day to my personal wellness (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc.).

_____ I devote ample time each day to taking care of others. 

_____ In most situations, I learn all that I can to help determine my conscious responses to life’s events.

_____ I approach life’s disappointments with curiosity.

_____ I focus on what I want, work toward its creation, and ultimately feel personally responsible for how well my life goes.

_____ My intentions (goals) drive my decisions and actions.

_____ Total Score (add the above)

What does your score mean? A total score of 24 or more is an initial indicator of a high level of resilience. Central scores ranging from 13 to 23 are an initial indicator that you may possess a few resilience attributes and perspectives that are supportive of you in some situations. A total score of 12 or less is an initial indicator of a low level of resilience.

If you want to put forth optimism and a playful lightheartedness during difficult times, to fully explore and release your emotions, to avoid feeling like a victim so you can own your life, to remain calm under pressure, to improve your problem solving and creativity skills, to stress proof your life, to realize life’s natural learning opportunities, to build a life that works well for you and others, and to convert bad luck into good luck, then resilience coaching can be your guide.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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