Resilience Pathway #134: Careful Caregivers

Think about all the professional caregivers who in some way touch your life. What do you know about your medical or naturopathic doctor, life coach, chiropractor, personal trainer, therapist, dentist, etc.? In what shape is his or her life? Studies show that it is impossible for people to function up to their full potential if they do not maintain work / life balance, time for total renewal, and on-going self-nurturing. Knowing how your professional caregivers handle these challenges is therefore both relevant and important to their quality of care.

I’m sure you’ve heard of or perhaps you even go to a professional caregiver who carries an extremely heavy patient or client load, allowing very little room for work/life balance. Their work load might require you to wait for an hour or more after you arrive for a scheduled appointment. I challenge you to consider the negative impact that that heavy load may be having not only on the professional caregiver but also on you.

Does your professional caregiver’s life include regular exercise, time with friends and family, time for personal renewals like regular vacations and/or meditation, or on-going professional development, to name a few? Do you even know the answers to those questions? If not, it may be time to ask some personal questions of your professional caregivers so you can receive the best possible care.

Next week, I’ll share with you a little bit about the lives of some of my professional caregivers. In the meantime, I invite you to ask your professional caregivers some questions so you can begin to determine if they have the capacity to perform at their best when they touch your life. If you are a professional caregiver, I challenge you to consider the following questions for yourself as you seek to be the best you can be in your work with others.

Coaching Inquiries: Do your professional caregivers maintain a healthy body weight? What are they doing to pursue total physical health? What habits do they maintain to keep their mental, emotional, and spiritual health in check? What boundaries do they have to maintain a work / life balance of their choosing? What on-going self-nurturing and renewal habits do they practice?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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