Resilience Pathway #133: Seeing The Sea

While on a cruise of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea, I realized that my father and I share a great passion and yearning for a specific renewal habit. Growing up, I remember watching my father when we vacationed at the beach. He’d stand and stare for hours at the ocean as it rolled in. Walking along the beach, he was always looking at the ocean. Never would I find him lying down on the sand with his eyes closed at the sun, like most beach goers.

The first night of the cruise, I found myself not wanting to go to sleep. I longed to sit upon the deck so I could simply watch the array of blues rolling and flowing as the moonlight and clouds cast glistening shadows and shapes on the sea. I woke up several times each night of the cruise to gaze out of the cabin window at the amazing, ever-changing work of art (the ocean) flowing by.

What is it about watching the ocean that my father and I love so much? I can describe the feeling of relaxation being similar to the feeling I get when I sit and gaze at the flames of a wood burning fire. I found myself breathing in deeply, effortlessly, slowly, fully filling my lungs and expanding my belly. I found myself thinking about only the flow of the ocean and each of the pictures and shapes I was seeing as the waves rolled by.

While away, I realized that this is how I supercharge my batteries. Watching the ocean while at sea each day and night gave me complete and utter renewal like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before. To sit back, relax and just see all of the beauty and possibilities of the sea, my life, and this world is total self nurture for me and I’d imagine for my father as well as I recall his attention to it.

Here are some of the questions I asked myself while seeing the sea that I share with you now for your own self renewal.

Coaching Inquiries: How am I ever evolving like the rolling sea? Where does this kind of flow and ease live in me? What other actions could I take in my everyday life that would give me this feeling of total renewal? What meaning do the shapes and shadows that I see in the rolling sea have for me? In what ways can I build more of this kind of self nurturing into my everyday life? What are the rewards and benefits of this renewal once I return from this trip?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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