Resilience Pathway #132: Mind / Body Renewal

Think back to the last time you took a vacation. Did you return home feeling renewed and totally refreshed? Studies show that most people answer, “No.” Instead of arriving home with fully recharged batteries, most people return even more stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and fatigued than they were before the trip. If this describes your experience upon arriving home from your last vacation, then you didn’t really take one.

A meaningful vacation has the same impact on life as an extended meditation. Thomas Skovholt, author of The Resilient Practitioner, is just one of many researchers of human behavior who writes about constant personal renewal and how impossible it is to function at our full potential professionally or personally, if we don’t maintain ourselves. Procrastination, burnout, fatigue, and stress are just a few of the not-so-nice feelings we experience when our body or mind is in need of renewal.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally taking a vacation is one of the must-have means of renewal. In addition, we must find and create other personally positive renewal life experiences. These positive renewal experiences, including vacations, are only effective if they bring us adrenalin boosting feelings of excitement, exuberance, pleasure, zest, peace, euphoria, and fulfillment.

True renewal experiences allow us to let go of all the stresses in life so that our batteries can truly recharge. Letting go includes mentally leaving behind the clients who might need us while we•re away, the emails that are piling up, and the increased workload that awaits our return. Taking a renewal vacation does not just involve physically transporting ourselves somewhere; it requires mental and emotional transporting as well. Bringing stressful baggage with us on vacation, isn’t truly taking a vacation. The stress can even do more harm than good.

Coaching Inquiries: What feelings did your last vacation spawn? When is your next extended meditation where you will allow yourself to fully renew? What implications are you experiencing at this very moment, that lead you to believe it is time for a trip of personal renewal?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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