Resilience Pathway #131: Are You Ready?

Once in a while, I have a complimentary coaching session with a potential coaching client who is not an ideal candidate for coaching. By this I mean, the individual is not ready to create and make changes in his/her life. Potential clients who come interested to know if coaching will serve them and who are really truly stuck in a “woe is me” place are not going to gain much from a coaching relationship.

Interacting with a person who can’t see the smallest glimpse of another perspective for a moment, one that does not involve “I have no options•no choice…I just have to deal with it”, whatever “it” may be, are not going to truly benefit from the magic of coaching. They certainly gain value by verbalizing their pain or frustration to a sympathetic ear. But that is really not what coaches do. A licensed counselor or psychologist is probably a better professional to be on the other side of this conversation.

Coaching is about forward movement, building a life that you could brag about and not easily complain about. Coaching is positive change, breaking through obstacles, facing fears, being powerful, and so much more. I see many similar attributes in the clients I attract. They are courageous, commanding, don’t settle, ask for what they want, learn to nurture themselves as well as others, face fears, create the impossible for themselves, and work hard to move toward their dreams.

If you’re wondering if coaching is for you, think about an area in your life that you’re not satisfied with, be it your health and wellness, relationships, career, personal development, etc. and then ask yourself, “How willing am I to make changes in this area of my life?” If your answer brings up some resistance, you may still be able to get to a place where you’re ready for coaching. Sometimes a little coaching is all a person needs to get going.

But if you respond to the idea of making change with complete resistance and a hard perspective of “it just can’t happen for me,” then coaching will likely not serve you at this time. If you experience some openness and excitement and maybe even a little fear to the idea of positive change in your life, then you’re ready for coaching.

Coaching questions: How often do you press on your own resistance by doing something that you know is right for you, but is incredibly difficult? What risks do you take in your life in pursuit of your own fulfillment? Where in your life are you settling by carrying a perspective of “this is just how my life has to be”?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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