Resilience Pathway #126: My Dream Poster

It is tempting this time each year to create a list of things we should accomplish or change in our lives as we move into the New Year. Yes, I’m talking about those sometimes dreadful New Year’s Resolutions. For 2006, I’m trying a unique approach to renewing myself. This approach does not involve making a list of things that I should accomplish and it also does not include mapping out the things that I need to start or stop doing. The approach is so fulfilling that you too may want to try this exercise.

The first step is to get in touch with all of the special miracles that you want to create in your life in 2006. What is it that you really want to have or be in this renewed year? Forget about what you need or should do as those things are offered up to you by your gremlin, otherwise known as your personal inner critic. The starting point of this exercise is to design your year from your hopes and dreams rather than from your problems and woes.

The next step is to gather a stack of your favorite magazines and also hop on the Internet to begin searching for pictures, photos, and graphics that represent your answers to the questions in step #1. Cut out and print these visual representations of your 2006 dream. As you•re doing so, check in with yourself to be sure these things are not on your •have to do• list but rather part of your dream list.

At the top of your poster write one of the following questions that resonates most with you: How am I creating more of this in my life? How can I move closer to this today? How are these meaningful to me? Glue these pictures on a poster board and then put the poster in a place where you will see it often during each day of the New Year. By seeing your dream poster each day, you•ll naturally begin to put energy and effort toward your goals. Happy New Year!

Coaching Inquiries: What is most important for you to have in your life this year? How can you create more of it? What is the miracle you want to create for yourself this year?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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