Resilience Pathway #125: Celebrate Being You

Common celebrations for most people include birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, job promotions, or other milestones. They are typically about our accomplishments and, as such, they live outside of who we are and outside of the special qualities that make up our unique identities.

What would it be like for us to simply celebrate who we are, our being, and our unique talents and gifts? You may have never considered this, and it may even strike you as awkward or strange, because of our strong accomplishment orientation. The human race seems to naturally celebrate what people “do.” But accomplishments, and even just getting through the day, require special attributes and unique tendencies. So why not celebrate your being in contrast to the traditional ways of celebrating your doing?

What are the three attributes you love most about being you that could use some celebration? It could be your sense of humor, your lightheartedness, your ability to easily see patterns among things, your tenaciousness, etc. The attributes that make up who you are deserve celebration as well, because without them you would not have too many accomplishments to acknowledge. Upon the heels of your accomplishments, ask yourself, “Who did I have to be in order to accomplish this?” And then, celebrate that!

Now that you’ve named the things you love most about being you, consider how you might celebrate these. What does a celebration of who you are consist of? Is it a party with your loved ones? Or a simple moment where you reflect upon and acknowledge your most prized ways of being? Or something entirely different, something uniquely you?

Coaching Inquiries: What top three things are worth celebrating about who you are? How can you celebrate being you? What do you love most about your common ways of being?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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