Resilience Pathway #124: Reveal Your Secret

Over the years, one of the things I’ve grown to love most about being a coach are the times when I get to see how freed my clients become by the simple act of revealing a deep secret. Too many times to recall, my ears have served as the vehicle to my client’s release of a kept secret. Here are some examples of things my clients have said after sharing a secret:

  • I feel a surge of energy
  • I’ve wanted to tell someone I can trust about this secret of mine for decades
  • My heart is no longer heavy with dread
  • I’m surprised at how happy I am to have that off my chest
  • I feel a renewed passion for life … if only I had told someone my secret long ago

Once a secret is revealed, I’ve noticed a difference in my client’s energy level and most have an immediate and greater ease in their ability to move forward. My clients have shared with me that they feel lighter, as if they have been freed from the chains of their secret. I’m sure some of this profound experience is due to the coaching that takes place during the moments before and after the secret is shared, I believe, however, that the powerful shift occurs primarily because the secret is shared with a trusted confidant.

Coaching Inquiries: What secrets do you keep? How does keeping this secret weigh on you? Drain you? Distract you? Who in your life can you share your secret with, (a friend, spouse, coach, etc.)?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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