Resilience Pathway #122: Becoming Visible

What does it take for someone to really see you? To see who you are on the inside? To see you for the creative, resourceful, and whole human being you are?

For someone to see who you are, as a person, can be very easy, quite a mystery, or somewhere in between. Often it depends upon two factors: 1) how easily you reveal yourself; and 2) how experienced that person is at the life skills that will allow them to get to see who you really are. These life skills are often described in terms of emotional intelligence.

Let me give you an example. To really see who I am takes a person who is good at two essential life skills: empathy and curiosity. I’m a visual and intuitive person who generally thinks and feels things in the form of pictures; therefore, my communication style is reflective of these personality characteristics. Gaining a deep understanding of who I am and what I’m saying requires someone who can put themselves in my shoes • empathy. Seeing me also requires someone who can let go of their own thoughts, feelings, and judgments about a particular topic long enough to be authentically curious in asking me the questions needed to fully understand the “picture” I’m talking about or the feeling I’m describing.

Think about the people in your life who see and understand you without trouble, who notice you and never let you be invisible. You’ll likely notice a pattern or similar quality in these people, such as my noticing that it takes empathy and natural curiosity in order to know me and draw me out. Once you identify the special qualities these people possess, you will begin attracting more people to your life who have this quality or skill. You will also discover ways to improve existing relationships where you have often invisible.

Being invisible can create feelings of frustration, confusion, distrust, and anger, to name a few. On the other hand, being fully seen is like being a brilliant and glorious hot air balloon, filled and lifting off to explore and appreciate all that is visible.

Coaching Inquiries: How easily do you reveal yourself? For someone to know you, what life skills must they apply? When are you invisible? What keeps you from fully being seen? Who in your life really sees you?

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