Resilience Pathway #119: Moving to I Am

As a coach, I often hear my clients talk about things that they really want to do or be. Uncovering our dreams is the first step that enables us to authentically use the language of “I want” as opposed to “I need.” That is an accomplishment in itself.

But once we begin using language that includes what we want to have or be, we can sometimes fall into that “stuck” place once again. Everyday conversations about the things we want in life can be exhilarating if we’re moving in the right direction. If we feel halted or overwhelmed in getting started, however, our “I want” language loses some of its powerful energy and can even become blurry to the point where we’re back at step #1 and asking ourselves, “What is it that I really want?”

We can often thank our Gremlin, otherwise known as our negative inner voice, for this confusion. So how do we get rolling again? Begin immediately by using these two simple words: “I am!” in place of “I want.” Here’s an example:

For some time, I’ve dreamed of having a small home in a location where the climate is tropical year-round. Quietly, this dream waited unnoticed, buried in my heart up until several years ago, when I began talking about my desire. This was getting to the “I want” phase.

Logistically, of course, this dream seemed far from reach. But when I changed my internal and external language from “I want” to “I am,” I became quickly reenergized to make unique and creative forward movement toward my dream. Since changing my language from “I want” to “I am,” I’ve also started noticing opportunities and possibilities that I didn’t see before, that are launching me • one step at a time • closer to my dream.

Coaching Inquiries: Where can you apply the language of “I am”? Are you feeling stuck in pursuing something you want? How does saying “I am” as opposed to “I want” change what you notice? What impact does saying “I am” have on your energy?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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