Resilience Pathway #117: A Gift in Unwelcome Change

Beginning at a very young age, and throughout our lifetime, we encounter uncomfortable life experiences. My seven year old daughter’s teacher, who she just met three short weeks ago and already adores, is leaving on maternity this February. My daughter will have a new teacher from February through the end of the school year. Questions, anxiety, stress, and much uncertainty about what the second half of the school year will be like are among what my daughter has expressed since she learned that she’ll get a new teacher this winter.

My guess is that she’ll continue to be curious and imagine all of the possibilities for the coming months of the school year. My daughter had a meeting about her concerns with the school “Feeling’s Doctor” and was able to begin to see her situation from a different perspective. She also began to talk about some things that could be done to help create a smooth transition.

As a mother, of course, I want my daughter to feel better and to release her stress about the unknown. Like most parents, I’m sure, I just want to fix things for her. However, as a coach I know there is rich learning that awaits her in this coming situation. She’s getting an opportunity at a very young age to experience a major change in her daily activity, a change that she has absolutely no control over.

This change will be very similar to changes that she’ll experience throughout her life as people will come into her life, she’ll develop a relationship with them, and then they’ll possibly go out of her life, sometimes forever. Her teacher leaving on maternity and a new teacher coming in is a small example of the dynamic changes that she’ll experience as she moves through her lifetime.

Some of the parents are upset about their children having a teacher who will be leaving for the duration of the school year, just as the state 2nd-grade standardized tests are administered. Their perspective is, I’m guessing, about the inconvenience and possibly their child adjusting to a different instructional approach. They might find value in asking these very simple questions, “What is the gift in this situation?” and “What key life learning does this change offer?”

Consider how many times in the last five years you’ve encountered an unwelcome change to your everyday life. Life changes come to us in many forms: from new bosses, jobs being eliminated, friends moving away, to loved ones passing away, etc. Each change brings with it rich and unique learning opportunities that we can apply to the next.

Coaching Challenge: When life brings you an unwelcome change, seek out the gift. Find the learning that awaits you when changes knock at your door.

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