Resilience Pathway #113: Picture Your Gremlin

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Richard Carson’s Gremlin concept. He is the author of Taming Your Gremlin. This week, I’ll continue to elaborate on how you can get to know your Gremlin a little better thereby enabling you to lessen the Gremlin’s grip on you.

The Gremlin is our very own personal inner critic who reminds us to maintain the status quo in our lives and often gets in the way of what we really want in life. The Gremlin is our negative inner voice that whispers and sometimes shouts the “should’s,” “must’s,” and “have to’s” that we consciously and unconsciously notice. 

Simply getting to know our Gremlin’s tendencies and being aware of when the Gremlin is “speaking” is the first step. One very effective way to get to know your Gremlin is to draw or paint a picture of what he, she, or it looks like at this time in your life. To do this, when you hear your negative inner critic, first simply notice it as your Gremlin. Then take a deep breath, close your eyes, and then mentally step inside with your flashlight shining it brightly on your Gremlin.

What does your Gremlin look like? What color is your Gremlin? Is she/he large or small, slim or heavy, mean-looking, fuzzy, or distinct? What are all the things you’re noticing about your Gremlin? 

Once you’ve had a chance to spend some time seeing your Gremlin, do a rough sketch or painting of your Gremlin as you imagined it at the moment you heard its voice. Play with creating a visual representation of what your Gremlin really looks like. 

Richard Carson reminds us that our Gremlin changes its style, appearance, method, and maybe even its gender, so you may want to keep your flashlight handy and take a peek at your Gremlin from time to time. 

Coaching Inquiries: Does your Gremlin remind you of someone you know? What is the texture of your Gremlin? Does your Gremlin resemble a shape, animal, or object? What name would you give your Gremlin? 

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