Resilience Pathway #108: The Last Day

My daughter celebrated her last day of first grade a few days ago. It was an interesting and emotional day as I watched how keenly aware most of the 6 year old children in her class were of the fact that, never again, would they all be in the same class together. Sure there was a lot of excitement about summer beginning, but it came in between long hugs goodbye and many tears. What a special day it was to simply sit, embrace the moments of the last day, and also to reflect on the last nine months. 

The children reminisced about all they had learned, all the friendship they made, and all the fun they had. It made me consider how rarely as an adult, I’ve stopped in the month of June to reflect on the learning that’s occurred in my life and also how rarely I reflect on new friendship I’ve made. Not only was it a special day for my daughter to take in and reminisce, it was a special day for me. 

I was so proud of her for all that she’d accomplished. I was also proud to realize all that I had invested in my own personal growth. I was pleasantly surprised too as I reflected on all the new friendships I’ve made since her school year began last August. 

“The Last Day” regardless of the event, is mostly about embracing the last few sweet moments. But it is also about reflecting and saying goodbye. I noticed my daughter transitioning easily to looking forward, and already she’s beginning to build even more in her life. She’s also creating ways to hold on to and grow all those special people and things that have been in her life over the last school year. 

On this particular “last day”, I observed my daughter revisit special moments about her past, embrace and hold on tightly to the present tender last moments of being a first grader, and then shift to imagining her precious future. These sometimes very challenging processes of reflecting on our past, staying in the moment, and building our future seem to come so easily to children. If they can do it so effortlessly, maybe we can too!! 

Coaching Inquiries: Time passes so quickly, so how do you embrace the moments of “the last day?” Now, reflect on the last nine months of your life, what’s different in your life now? What learning has occurred in your life? What new friendships have you made? Imagine your future, what’s it like? 

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