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Client References

“The three months I spent working with my LifeTrek coach yielded higher levels of personal happiness and professional growth, which I’m still enjoying today.” Academic Advisor

“I use LifeTrek coaching to help me move on in my network marketing business. It has helped me focus on where I am going and has assisted me with a road map to get there.” Entrepreneur

“My initial objective was to receive coaching about my career and improving my consulting business. I wanted to validate the direction that I am taking as well as explore other alternatives. The result has been more than I anticipated. Not only have I delved into my initial objectives, but I have also developed a rapport with my LifeTrek coach that has allowed me to explore personal issues and their potential impact on my career progress.” Consultant

“I really enjoy our sessions. When they are over I feel energized and excited. I am finding out that I like having someone provide me with direction to help me find my way. Especially someone who seems to be able to shift and change with what is happening with me each week.” Project Manager

“I worked with a LifeTrek coach for six months. The process of coaching assisted me to gain new focus in life and strengthen some of my leadership skills. During that time I began to schedule things better and work smarter. A side bonus was the removal of all the clutter in my work space and a stronger commitment to devotions and exercise. I appreciated my coach’s intuitive skills and insights.” Senior Minister

“My LifeTrek coach focuses on becoming independent, reframing yourself into a positive being, and making real steps towards your individual goals. We talk about feelings, actions, plans, and taking care of yourself. My coach keeps me focused and oriented towards my goals. It works! I have enjoyed each session with my LifeTrek coach.” Chiropractor

“After two months of LifeTrek coaching my business is set to explode! Make no mistake, LifeTrek coaching did not “give me a fish”. It taught me “how to fish.” You will learn how to solve your challenges yourself with the Life Trek team guiding you.” Entrepreneur

“Unlike a therapist, coaching (for me) has resulted in quick results specifically directed at my issues because my LifeTrek coach gives assignments each week that are relevant to the situation instead of making me ‘guess’ how to work on the issues myself.” Consultant

“My LifeTrek coach has meant the difference in living my true life as opposed to just showing up. He helps guide, inspire and keep me grounded.” Community Leader

“My LifeTrek coach is very caring and insightful. I highly recommend LifeTrek coaching.” Retiree

“LifeTrek coaches are people of integrity who will only embark on a coaching relationship if it’s right for you and if you’re ready to commit to it.” Academic Advisor

“I truly enjoy the conversations in my LifeTrek coaching group and the e-mails. You’re a reflective person who speaks clearly in language that I understand and that makes sense. You must make a difference in the lives of many people.” School Principal

“My experience of LifeTrek coaching has been very positive. I feel more in control of my life. The proactive steps I am taking toward various goals are not actions I would have taken without working with a life coach. I would encourage you to give this a try, and you will likely find it engaging, challenging, and inspiring.” Pastor