Provision #840: Released for Life

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Since November 25 of last year, 2012, I have been writing a series of Provisions growing out of my experience with epilepsy. The series started with a with a play on words for it’s title: Seized by Life. The reason that represents a play on words is because seizures are not often thought of as life-giving things. I know I don’t think of them that way, I know I don’t like them, and I know I don’t want them to keep happening, yet I continue to have them to this very day.

As with all things in life, however, there are treasures to be found here, treasures that are waiting to be appreciated for not only their learning value but also for what they represent in and of themselves. I invite you to see things that way, including the challenges of your own life, with the help of this poem which brings to a close my wrestling with the beast of limbic encephalitis. This poem actually modifies the poem that launched this series, Seized by Life. Next week we move on to a new topic: mindfulness. In the meantime, be grateful, thoughtful, and blessed.

Released for Life 
Celebrating Wholeness One Day at a Time

©2013 Bob Tschannen-Moran

There is a certain freedom in life
that we all too often fail
to recognize.

We go through our days
with routines of meaningfulness and patterns
that hide the true
possibility of it all.

Until something grabs us and
shakes us and
wakes us up with a jolt;
that brings us close to the magic of life itself.

That’s when we find ourselves
released for life.

That’s when we stomp our dancing feet
to the beat of music;
as if to say, “It’s time to love, and to laugh,
and to celebrate what life has to share
with us all.”

There’s no way to find just the right words
to describe who we are.
There no way to feel just the right rhythm
to be who we are becoming:

The full flowering of a random seed
planted in a womb of wonder,
filled with grace and pleasure.

Giving life one more chance
to be all that it might be.

Crying out one more time
with the startled voice of awakening.

Leaping boldly from a moving car
to catch the beckoning rays of a sunset.

Resting comfortably in
the warm and tender arms of it All.

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I’m travelling over the holidays, so I will post the reader replies from this week and last week in next week’s Provision – so keep sending them along. It provides me a lot of joy to know that my reflections on the meaning and measure of life move people forward on the trek of life. 

May you be filled with goodness, peace, joy, and health.

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