Provision #793: Dawn is Breaking

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How could the trauma of seizures and a coma become a gift? Through recovering with new gifts and insights to share with the world. We often talk about the calm before the storm but there is also a calm after the storm. And in my case, that calm has been a time to reflect deeply and to recover a sense of sense. In today’s Provision, I share the lyrics of a song that has filled my heart and, I hope, will move your soul as well.

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I was inspired this past week as we visited friends and family around Ohio and Virginia, including my most adorable first grandchild, to reflect on the difficult and frightening journey of the past four months and to write not just another poem but the preliminary lyrics of what I hope will become a song that speaks to the downs and ups of my experience. I hope you will enjoy it and I will post the MP3 when it finally becomes a song. I have a special spiritual / musical partnership with my dear friends, Erika and Theo Jackson, and I already know we’re going to have some fun with this one. Enjoy!

Dawn is Breaking


Dawn is breaking as the world turns
Creeping in slowly as the sun yearns
Stroking the senses into being fully alive
Revealing what mysteries are hidden in the hive


Singing so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so true
Dawn is breaking for me and for you
Everybody knows-knows-knows-knows-knows-knows-knows-knows who
Is part of the story that is me and is you


Insights happen as the world turns
Shedding new light on thoughts that were spurned
Easing the mind so deeply perplexed
Releasing new energy from that which was vexed


We just don’t know how deep darkness settles
like a cloak or a shroud upon every fold
of brain and of brawn and of hopeful desire
until discouragement grabs hold of the night.

But the circle of trust knows how high hope rises

like a bird riding thermals, soaring so bold 
or the sun rising full in a deep amber fire
until encouragement grabs hold of the light.


Hope is stirring in the down and the out
Engaging those who are wandering about
Reaching for a place of freedom so dear
And striving for a space where memories come clear


Dawn is breaking as the world turns
Enlightening the mind that constantly learns
Easing confusion into full-bodied truth
And bursting illusion in one final poof



Coaching Inquiries: What moves you about this song? What thoughts and motivations come to you? How might life be calling you to new levels of wisdom and understanding? To what unexpected places of dawning and relationship might you travel in 2013?

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LifeTrek Readers’ Forum (selected feedback from the past week)

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Bob, I wish you the best and pray for your recovery. Once the Semester starts next week (with Registration), I can ask my Dean what that high-sounding name of you illness means. (She is a nurse.) You have interesting websites at Life Trek Coaching and School Transformation.

You may (or may not) remember me from the University Christian Ministry at Northwestern University UCM. I was there from 1973-1977 and remember both you and your wife, Megan, well. I recall a picture of the two of you with some other people panting a garden. Welcome back. Thanks so much for your unselfish contribution. God bless.

It is rather amazing that you don’t know how much you are loved or how much those around you care – until THEY and YOU are tested. You’ve passed over so smile and take time to just HEAL, BABY, HEAL!

I have been following your blog (thanks for that) and have been praying for you. What an astonishing couple you are. You have taught me a lot. Having been an ICU nurse I can (almost) imagine what you have gone through. It’s not easy for anyone, even caregivers. 

I feel blessed to have gotten to know you better last summer and have learned to love you both. I’m so delighted to learn about your progress in recovery and healing, and to read how much you’ve gained from the experience. I feel relieved and grateful.

As children we learn that crying is almost always associated with hurts or •owies•. As teenagers we learn that crying can be connected to empathy or psychological pain.

But in later adulthood, crying can take on new meaning. It’s often our physical body’s way of ridding us of toxins, as you pointed out. It’s the spirit’s way connecting us with gratitude, joy and wonderment; and it’s the soul’s way of connecting us with our deeper emotions and telling us that THIS is what life is about.

The tears that come when watching the ballet Giselle or listening to Van Morrison sing Into the Mystic, or seeing any number of natural wonders in our environment, or watching a movie like Awakenings, these all connect with the beauty that is life and stimulate our joy of being alive and giving and receiving the gifts of those around us. Thanks for all that you are learning to do and to be.

I just read your green tea article. When my kids were young and it was a rainy day we would have an •unbirthday• tea party, putting on Alice and Wonderland music and we would laugh and laugh. I wish that I had known about the health benefits of green tea back then. We would have had many more tea parties! Thanks for the info.

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

Bob Tschannen-Moran, MCC, BCC

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