Provision #650: Seeing You

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Like several million other people this holiday season, I had the opportunity to see the new movie,Avatar. It is a delightful tale with a strong message as to the evils of imperialism and mechanized warfare. It’s hard not to have empathy for the Na’vi as their world is destroyed by those who want to exploit their reserves of a valuable mineral.

As part of the plot, one of the soldiers trying to exploit the Na’vi ends up turning sides. It’s a classic story of love and conscious awakening. As the solider grows closer and closer to the Na’vi, one of the recurring themes is the line, “I see you.” The line goes beyond a surface-level understanding of “seeing” to a deep sense of connection and mutuality.

The movie, then, became the occasion for my annual casting of a poem that reflects something of my intention for the New Year. Those who know Nonviolent Communication will not be surprised by the way this poem goes. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Happy New Year!

Seeing You

When I see you
And you see me
We all see better

When I understand your feelings
And you understand mine
We all understand each other

When I recognize your needs
And you recognize mine
We all recognize the source of life

When I hear what you want
And you hear what I want
We all hear how to make life
More Wonderful

Coaching Inquiries: Who sees you? Who do you see? How can your connection and mutuality be enhanced? What would make your life more wonderful? How could you make life more wonderful? Vitally. Better. Together.

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Your last Provision featuring Albert Schweitzer, Celebrate & Serve, was incredibly beautiful. I don’t normally respond to e-newsletters, but I hope this reaches you to say, “thank you” for sharing such wonderful thoughts. I will share this with many others, so your kindness is paid forward. 

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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