Provision #576: Be Fully Alive

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What does it mean to be fully alive? Simply put, it means to be filled with life, energy, joy, freedom, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, and self-awareness. Too few people evidence those qualities and know what that feels like. To be filled with life does not happen by accident. It comes to pass through cultivation. Today we launch a new series of Provisions that will explain the what and the how of being fully alive.

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I have been pleased to spend time recently with the work of L. Michael Hall on what he calls “meta-coaching”. Although his books are not well edited, his concepts and historical context for coaching are right on target. I particularly like the way he anchors coaching in the traditions of humanistic psychology that developed over the past 50 years, starting with Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers (to name only two). Hall describes coaching as applied humanistic psychology; it is a method for assisting people to become fully alive or what Maslow described as “self-actualized.”

What does someone look like who is fully alive? Hall describes them as having the following capacities, attitudes, and states:

  • the capacity to tolerate uncertainty
  • acceptance of self and others
  • genuine caring and love
  • spontaneity and creativity
  • need for private and solitude, detachment
  • capacity for deep and intense relationships
  • a more philosophical attitude about things
  • autonomy: independence of culture and need for conformity
  • a sense of humor and lightness
  • more efficient perception of reality
  • altruistic
  • an inner directedness and absences of artificial dichotomies (love/hate, weak/strong, work/play, etc.)
  • more democratic in attitudes and dealings with others
  • continued freshness of appreciation
  • self-transcending
  • spontaneity, simplicity, naturalness
  • the ability to discriminate between means and ends
  • mystic or peak experiences
  • a greater sense of the sacredness of life.

Over the next 19 weeks I intend to write Provisions that speak to these capacities, attitudes, and states. If you want to know what they look like and how to get there, then I invite you to stay tuned for more.

Coaching Inquiries: What would make your life more fully alive? What qualities of self-actualization do you identify with most? What qualities would you seek to develop further? Who could be your partners on the journey?

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Reading Erika’s reflection on Chautauqua made me aware of my own desire for freedom, peace, and ease. Life has been too difficult and stressful lately! Thanks for the reminder of how we can go to that space in our minds and, in turn, in our lives. 

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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