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Last week I announced my decision to change the publishing schedule and format for LifeTrek Provisions. This week I feature your replies • they have truly touched my heart • as well as a Wellness Pathway submitted for publication by one of you • the readers of LifeTrek Provisions. Keep those cards and letters coming! They’re good for the soul. Until next week, may you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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Your responses to my announcement about the future publication schedule and content of Provisions were more than I had expected. Please sure to read the Reader Replies for a samplingClick! I feel a deep sense of gratitude for your support and encouragement as well as for your recognition that greater flexibility and freedom are good things.

Your responses, like those of a masterful coach, will hold me accountable to the decision I have made. In fact, I hope you don’t take it the wrong way if I continue to send out something on a more or less weekly basis. It’s not that I can’t help myself or that I don’t know how to relax (I’m working on that!), it’s more that I want to stay in touch and there are ways to do that with far less effort than I have been putting out over the years.

One way is to resend past editions. That’s the “best of LifeTrek” approach as some of you have recommended. Another way is to send noteworthy snippets from other newsletters. A third way is to publish material that you, the readers of LifeTrek Provisions, submit for publication. That’s how we ended up with a Wellness Pathway by Dan Distelhorst, the friend I mentioned last week who owns a running store and who is offering a 10% discount to readers of LifeTrek Provisions Click.

A final way is write one myself, just like old times. I still have about 10 issues left in my current series on the Optimum Wellness Prototype, so be looking for those in the weeks and months ahead. There’s still plenty to learn and to share on the trek of life!

Coaching Inquiries: Who would you like to thank in your life? What would be the best way to do so? How could you make your life more wonderful?

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LifeTrek Readers’ Forum (selected feedback from the past week)

Editor’s Note: The LifeTrek Readers’ Forum contains selections from the comments and materials sent in each week by the readers of LifeTrek Provisions. They do not necessarily reflect the perspective of LifeTrek Coaching International. To submit your comment, use our Feedback Formor Email Bob..

Thank you for the poem last week and thank you, too, for the honest, heartfelt reminder about making space to live.

Bravo to you on last week’s announcement that you plan to take the time to appreciate all that you are experiencing in the moment and not to be dragged away by your self-imposed deadline.

I want to thank you for all of the times that you have sacrificed to make the publication deadline for Provisions. I know that I have grown a great deal from your work. I am pleased to see your example of taking time for R&R. I do believe that the world would be a better place if we could all take the •proverbial deep breathe• and allow ourselves the time to nourish our own souls before we head out to take on the rest of the world. I am pleased to know that you are able to make a decision that will not end LifeTrek Provisions but just make them a more functional part of your life. I am a LifeTrek junkie and know that I would go into big time withdrawal if it just ended. My life is better because of the work you have done, are doing, and will do. Thanks.

This may sound crazy, but I had a feeling something like this was coming. Don’t know why, but I did. And I think a break would be terrific and, from a selfish perspective, I’m ecstatic to see that you are going to devote time for your books! One thought regarding your weekly Provisions is to have “The Best Of …” series. A lot of programs do that and I don’t want us to step away completely from your wonderful thoughts, insights, and inspirations. Your weekly Provisions could be a quick current thought and then a “Blast from the Past” type Provision that keep your readers plugged in. Just a thought.

This was yet another timely Provision / announcement as I too am making several shifts in my schedule to allow more time for •R&R.• Stress management has been my life struggle and it is now catching up with me. I shot out of bed at 2 am Friday morning in a cold sweat, pounding heart and dizziness that brought on a fainting spell. My husband was out of town and my two young girls were upstairs sleeping soundly and I had to dial 911 for help. I was in the ER Friday morning and they diagnosed me as having a strep infection, ear infection and panic attack??! I can’t help but attribute all of this to a build up of stress that I was unaware of. You are so special in that you •walk your talk• and set such a good example for everyone you share your words with. Thank you. I will miss the weeks that you don’t send out a new message but at the same time I am grateful because this will give me a chance to read some more of your archives. Have a beautiful day!

Congratulations for a great run so far. My ADD brain is absolutely amazed by your dedicated faithfulness to this very worthy mission. Eight years. Wow! Enjoy your new semi-freedom and your summer and we’ll hear from your heart as God teaches through life experiences.

All past efforts on your part are much appreciated. Thank you for your inspiration and reflections. I look forward to any and all future efforts, whenever you are inspired to do so.

Congrats on making your decision. I want to support you by telling you my personal experience of LifeTrek Provisions. It is always one of those emails that I truly enjoy, but they’re long, they take a while to read, and I never want to read them while on Auto Pilot. So when they come in I think, “Oh no! Another LifeTrek I gotta read!” Because of my compulsivity of not ever wanting to miss anything, I file them away until I have the time to read them right. Now, as you take a break, I will get a break as well. Thanks for that! I do so very much enjoy them; now I bet I will enjoy them more. You’re blessed!

Thank you for so many weekly gifts over the years. We owe you so much. You deserve a shift. Thank you again.

I’m glad you are making more room and space in your life for family and friends. At the end of the day what really matters are the relationships you have fostered not the goals you have accomplished.

We understand and agree on winding down a bit. Please take the breather as and when you like. Much thanks for your beautiful contribution. 

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

Bob Tschannen-Moran, MCC, BCC

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