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Today we interview a Realtor who worked with a LifeTrek coach for one year. Her new career as a Realtor was all-consuming. She wanted to improve her work habits and increase her real estate production, but she knew that would take more than a few new skills and techniques. It would require an integrated look at the big picture. After shopping around, she selected LifeTrek for big picture coaching and came away with more than one big prize.

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This Provision first went out as the United States of America was celebrating Independence Day, which commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. The seminal notion that people are endowed with certain unalienable rights, which supersede the prerogatives of government, including the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, continues to stir the hearts of men and women around the globe.

Unfortunately, those rights are too often denied in the course of human affairs. Flagrant violations make headline news while millions suffer quietly in the face of lesser offenses. External as well as internal demands can easily compromise the very life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness upon which this day was founded.

That certainly lies behind the move to self-employment for many people. They grow weary of the employment game, which all too frequently turns a paycheck into an excuse for untold indignities, concessions, and unreasonable requirements. Becoming their own boss, they hope to escape the rat race and improve their life.

Many people discover, however, that self-employment is no picnic. In fact, the self-employed usually work harder than paid employees, suffering under the worst tyrant of all: fear. At least paid employees know they have a paycheck coming. The self-employed never know, from month to month, how their revenue stream will hold up. And so they drive themselves harder than any boss.

That was the condition of a newbie Realtor when she contacted LifeTrek for coaching. She was working hard and getting results but she didn’t have much of a life. She wanted more from her life and even better results from her job. Could we assist her to work less and earn more?

Real estate coaches make that promise, with plenty of “proven systems” for becoming a top real estate performer. But their cookie-cutter systems and high cost made her uncomfortable. She wanted something more tailor-made and personal. She also wanted the freedom to talk with a coach about more than just real estate. She wanted big picture coaching for big picture success, and for that she turned to LifeTrek in the fall of 2002.

Q: So how did you find out about LifeTrek Coaching and what were your initial goals?

A: Although I had previously known my coach, I’m not sure I would have turned to LifeTrek Coaching if it were not for the recommendation of a friend. She knew the good work you were doing and recommended you highly. Still, I had questions as to whether you could assist me with my new career as a Realtor. You were not exactly one of the bigger names in real estate coaching! And at the time, I was more focused on real estate success than on the bigger picture.

But I had just as many questions about the big-name coaching programs. I was concerned that I would be spending a lot of money, making a commitment for at least a year, and then they would push me to do things I probably wouldn’t actually do. Like make cold calls or work the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market.

The trust factor won out. I made my decision to go with LifeTrek Coaching because the abilities of my coach together with my friend’s recommendation were more important factors than the real estate experience.

Q: So did you meet your goals?

A. I wasn’t even sure what my goals were when we started. I would have said real estate success, early on, but that changed as we progressed. I did meet my real estate goal. My business increased significantly, so much so that I received an award for top-producing new Realtor in my company. LifeTrek Coaching assisted me to win that award.

But there was so much more. I was able to stop working so hard and start enjoying life more. This was a hard concept for me and I was resistant to the idea for a while. I went along with the coaching process and it all started to make sense.

Q: What shifts have you experienced as a result of coaching?

A: Perhaps the most radical shift was the discovery that you could not only have a successful career and still have a life, but also that you could only have a successful career by having a life. The idea that having fun and doing the things I love could somehow make me more attractive as a Realtor was a mind-boggling and mind-expanding concept.

My work ethic suggested that if there was work to do then I had better get to it. Well guess what? When you’re essentially self-employed, as realtors are, there is always more work to do. I was working all the time. And while I loved my job, I knew it couldn’t be everything. LifeTrek coaching assisted me to see the networking power and professional attractiveness of having a well-rounded life.

Q: What other life changes have you made?

A. It may sound unbelievable, but I credit coaching with my achieving a goal that I have had for at least 25 years•.to have a cabin on a lake. My additional income in real estate, identifying my life goals, and my realization that I’m not getting any younger • all of which were reinforced through coaching • allowed me to take this leap.

It’s probably one of the best things I have ever done. I am now the proud owner of a perfect little home, 450 miles away. I have structured my business so I can spend about one out of every four weeks there. The time that I spend there is so relaxing, yet I can stay connected to my business through my cell phone, computer and fax. For me, it’s ideal.

Since I’m a Realtor, people often ask me if I want to buy the houses I see. Actually, I don’t. I have my dream home•a small cabin in the woods, with a view of the lake out my back door. And my coach has a standing invitation to visit, since he played an important part in my achieving this goal!

Q: Were there any surprises during the coaching process?

A. I thought that to be more successful, I had to work even harder. That I could only attract clients when I was officially “working”. I learned that the reverse was true. I started to experiment. Just by casually talking with people in everyday situations, I found clients. I met people in line for take-out food, when out for a walk, while talking with neighbors. I met one client because of my dog (but that’s another story).

Q: How has coaching stretched you beyond your comfort zone?

A: That’s funny, since the reason I didn’t go with a real estate coach is because I was afraid they would push me to do things I didn’t want to do. But through LifeTrek Coaching, I grew more and more comfortable with the idea of pushing myself and trying things I might not have otherwise done. I now talk with people more easily, focus more on my goals, try new sales techniques, and have fun.

There were times when coaching pushed me to try techniques that just didn’t fit with my personality. Like keeping a journal or writing affirmations. I tried them but didn’t continue them. Most of the time, however, the push of coaching was right on target.

Q: What was the experience of working with a coach like for you?

A: When we talked together it was like talking with a friend•a friend who has the skills to keep me moving in the right direction. I was able to see things more clearly. Stay focused. I felt that I had someone on my side, cheering me on. My coach inspired, encouraged, advised, taught, questioned, cared, trained. All in a very positive manner.

Q: How could coaching have assisted you more?

A: I don’t know. It was incredibly helpful. I really don’t have any recommendations for improvement.

Q: When is the best time to work with a coach?

A: When you want to do something wonderful for yourself. Don’t wait for a crisis to come to coaching. Instead, when you have the resources and the dream, that’s when working with a coach can move you forward more quickly and easily than working on your own.

Q: So what would you say to our readers who are thinking about coaching?

A: Give it a try! Absolutely. Coaching may help you find your own “cabin in the woods”.

Coaching Inquiries: Have you looked at the big picture of your life? What’s going on? What’s working? What needs tweaking? How could working with a coach assist you to make dreams come true?

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Your interview in last week’s Provision with a physician was both interesting and insightful. I loved his prescription: “Take two coaches, and call me in the morning!” Now that’s a perfect line. 

I especially appreciated Erika’s Creativity Pathway last week reminding us that we are all artists within. 

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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