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How would you like to be healthy, wealthy, and wise? That’s the focus of a new book I am writing and, to help me get it written, that will be the focus of Provisions for the next 35 weeks. How’s that for planning! This Provision shares with you the outline of the book and invites your participation in the process.

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If you read Provisions regularly, then you know that I usually write them in series. This assists me to organize my thoughts, reading, and experience. For the next 35 weeks, I am also going to use Provisions to assist me to get my first book written and published. Each week I will start one section or chapter of my book, entitled “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: Celebrate the Best for Exceptional Results.” As we go along, you will have the opportunity to reply, suggest resources, and stretch or develop my thinking. It will be an inter-developmental process from which we will all benefit greatly. And, yes, you the readers of LifeTrek Provisions will get full credit in the acknowledgment section of the book once it finally gets published.

So what’s this book about? Here’s the outline as it stands now:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Benjamin Franklin included the following maxim in Poor Richard’s Almanac: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” He went on to write the first self-help book in America, his autobiography. This book articulated the principles behind Poor Richard’s maxim. There’s a lot to be said for Franklin’s book. But there’s more to be said if a person wants to be healthy, wealthy, and wise in the 21st century. This book tells the rest of the story.

Section 1: Healthy

Health is a matter of balancing the things that create and sustain life. Dewey spoke of those things in terms of habits and impulses. Habits are those patterns of behavior which make life easy and successful, sustaining life with the rhythms of functional well-being. Impulses reflect new urgencies of the spirit, creating life anew when old patterns break down or become dysfunctional. Becoming health conscious, far from being a passing fancy, is a lifelong pursuit that looks different at different times.

Chapter 2: Elements of Creating Health
1. Creating Attention
2. Creating Priorities
3. Creating Systems
4. Creating Responsibility
5. Creating Joy
Chapter 3: Elements of Sustaining Health
1. Sustaining Weight
2. Sustaining Strength
3. Sustaining Flexibility
4. Sustaining Energy
5. Sustaining Rest

Section 2: Wealthy

Wealth is a matter of balancing the things we have and do. It’s not about having a particular net worth or cash flow. It’s about having and doing the things we love. From that vantage point, anyone can be wealthy. The difference between wealth and poverty is one of choice. Freely chosen, any livelihood and any lifestyle can be a source of financial and spiritual wealth. That choice cannot be made once and for all; it gets made each and every day and will look different at different times. But it can always be made.

Chapter 4: Elements of Creating Wealth
1. Doing Enough
2. Doing Work
3. Doing Good
4. Doing Well
5. Doing Ventures
Chapter 5: Elements of Having Wealth
1. Having Enough
2. Having Control
3. Having Income
4. Having Reserves
5. Having Contacts

Section 3: Wise

Wisdom is a matter of balancing what we know and who we are. We acquire what we know over time. It comes from lifelong learning. Over time, we gain the understanding and skills to be successful and to get things done in the world. But wisdom is more than knowledge. It’s also humility. It’s letting go of knowledge in order to tap the resources of attitude, spirit, and will. It’s a matter of being. That’s why little children sometimes appear to have more wisdom than adults. They are connected to their being with a minimum of interference. They know they do not know, and that makes all the difference.

Chapter 6: Elements of Practical Wisdom
1. Knowing What
2. Knowing How
3. Knowing When
4. Knowing If
5. Knowing Nothing
Chapter 7: Elements of Being Wise
1. Being Grateful
2. Being Gracious
3. Being Generous
4. Being Gentle
5. Being Grounded

Chapter 8: Conclusion

I look forward to writing this book with you and for you. It will be a great opportunity to coach ourselves to success and fulfillment in life.

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I thought you would enjoy knowing about an e-mail I received today. After you ran my article on Adversity Precedes Growth, one of your readers sent me a note about “the Universe conspiring to place us together.” She had just met me at a conference, for the first time, only two days before the newsletter came out. What a coincidence!”

I’d like to know what one could do to remove dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes. (Ed. Note: Not much. Dark circles tend to be an inherited trait due to thin skin. Makeup is probably your best option, unless your physician recommends another strategy.)

Thanks for doing something new each day, for the great recipe, and for sharing your hard work with all of us.

Would you please resend September and October emails? They accidentally got deleted. (Ed. Note: I’m pleased to learn that you save past issues of Provisions. Please note that all past issues are available in the Provisions’ archive at

I continue to enjoy receiving Life Trek Provisions and pass it on, appropriately, periodically to those I think may benefit from it.

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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