Provision #139: Change your Surroundings

LifeTrek Provision

Whiletwo readers thanked me for last week’s tip on changing your handwriting, ordoing what Ron Scott calls GraphAerobics, two other readers voicedskepticism that this tip would actually work.

I wasskeptical too until I heard Ron speak. He presented impressive first-handanecdotal evidence after working for two decades in the area of handwritinganalysis for major U.S. corporations and after coaching many individuals on thepractice of GraphAerobics. Although it may seem like hocus-pocus, Ibecame persuaded that changing your handwriting can change your life.

Beyondthe personality impact, sitting down to write carefully a few repetitivesentences every morning and every evening has the value of pausing one’s day,making one mindful, and improving one’s legibility. Let me know if you try itand experience positive results.

Lastweek was the first week in my series on “10 Simple Things You Can Do To ChangeYour Life.” This week’s tip is even easier due to its “set it and forget it”quality. Change your surroundings.

Onecan hardly overstate the impact of the environment on the body, mind, andspirit. Everyone knows, for example, that living on a toxic waste dump willproduce a higher risk of cancer. The same is true for any environmental toxin,not just radioactivity. Are your surroundings ugly? Are they cluttered, stark,boring, or depressing? Change your surroundings and you can experience animmediate improvement in your quality of life.

Environmentalchanges can range from the simple to the extreme. Moving your furniture aroundin the room and buying a new set of dishes are two simple examples. Moving yourfurniture changes the pattern of where and how you walk. This change may beenough to dislodge a stubborn pattern you’ve been otherwise failing to change.Getting a new set of dishes with a pattern you truly appreciate and enjoy maybe enough to brighten your day.

Biggerenvironmental changes will, of course, provoke even bigger life changes. You canuse artwork and interior design to create different themes in different rooms.Once created, these rooms can become places to meditate, pray, stretch,exercise, journal, and think based upon your mood at the moment or yourambition for the day. They can become energy boosters rather than energydrains.

Keepin mind that there’s no such thing as energy neutral surroundings. Even if youdon’t notice the flow of energy in a particular room or place, the flow isthere. It’s there even when you are asleep. It is the nature of energy to move.There is no other way. Energy flows. This is as true in the mental / spiritualworld as it is in the physical world. Your surroundings either build you up ortear you down, whether you’re mindful of their impact or not.

Thinkabout this every time you come to occupy new space, whether at work, home, orany other setting. Don’t accept the space as it is with mindless resignation.Instead, become deeply mindful about its impact on your body, mind, and spirit.Remember that it will impact your psyche whenever you’re in the space. How doesit feel? Can it be changed to feel right? Does it provide or is it capable ofproviding such basic qualities as safety, beauty, and peace?

Makesure you think about your surroundings at work as well as at home. Many peoplespend more waking time at work than at home. Sterile and stressful workenvironments with fluorescent lights, sealed windows, and ugly views take atremendous toll. Changing your surroundings at work and walking outside on yourbreaks can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Theancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) has madeextensive study out of manipulating the environment to eliminate stress, createbalance, and improve the quality of life. It all revolves around the simplenotion of changing your surroundings to change your life.

May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

Bob Tschannen-Moran, MCC, BCC