Provision #114: Live your Dream

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The decade of the 90s started out with a Cinderella tale called Pretty Woman. You may remember the opening scene. A lady of the night is getting dressed to peddle her wares on the street corners of Hollywood. The sidewalks are bustling with activity. Along the way, we come face to face with a street preacher who confronts people with a question. “What’s your dream?” he asks, “everyone comes to Hollywood with a dream.”

That is the question of the 90s. What’s your dream? Much of a coach’s attention centers on the question of a person’s dream. Consider the following recent inquiries:


  • A recently divorced male, in his 50s, wants to run his first marathon. Could we assist him to develop what it takes to realize this dream?
  • A recent MBA graduate, in his late 20s, wants to find a position in banking or investment services. Could we assist him to realize this dream in six months or less?
  • A graduate student in his 40s has been procrastinating on his dissertation. Could we assist him to stay on track with his research and writing?
  • A successful health professional, in her 40s, leaves her dream job after only a few days in a new position. Could we assist her to find her passion and a new profession?
  • A nonprofit executive, in his 30s, wants his organization to become “best in class.” Could we assist him to develop and implement a successful plan?
  • A CEO, in his 50s, wants to sell his company after 27 years and use his business expertise on behalf of others. Could we assist him to become a coach?

These inquiries all have the street preacher’s question clearly in view. What’s your dream? Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus in their 1985 classic, Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge (Harper & Row • New York, 1985) assert that a clear and compelling dream is the secret of great leaders. “A vision,” they write, “is a target that beckons.” “It articulates a view of a realistic, credible, and attractive future’that is better in some important ways than what now exists.” Great leaders tend to “acquire and wear their vision like clothes.”

What’s your dream? What’s your vision? Without a clear and compelling target, life becomes aimless and energy becomes depleted. With a clear and compelling target, there’s no end to the possibilities and the resources available to realize those possibilities.

Coach University, one of the premiere training programs for business and personal coaches, has categorized the different dreams and visions that motivate people. They include Integrity-Based Dreams (dreams that talk to the core of our being), Needs-Based Dreams (dreams that sound very, very selfish), Values-Based Dreams (dreams that sound very, very selfless), Wants-Based Dreams (dreams that can sound very, very whimsical), Reaction-Based Dreams (dreams that focus more on what we don’t like than on what we do like), Shift-Based Dreams (dreams that come from a different and unfamiliar place), and Spiritually-Based Dreams (dreams that sound very, very cosmic).

What’s your dream? Think about these categories and write out a statement of your personal foundation. Review that statement daily. It won’t take long before you too will be living your dream.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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