Provision #163: Be Grateful

Laser Provision Gratitude is one sure sign that you’re taking good care of yourself. If you wake up, go through the day, and fall asleep feeling grateful, then you’ve mastered a most important quality of being. LifeTrek Provision The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we will be moving to Williamsburg, Virginia during […]

Provision #162: Practice Healthy Self-Care

Laser Provision If you’re working too hard and living too little, it’s time to get smart. Caring for yourself is an inescapable fact of life. Do it right, and you’ll find yourself “blessed to be a blessing.” Do it wrong, or fail to do it at all, and you’ll pay the price.• LifeTrek Provision This […]

Provision #161: STOP

Laser Provision Tim Gallwey says that everyone should STOP: Step back, Think, Organize your thoughts, Proceed. Short STOPs every day. Long STOPs at critical junctures. This has been such a time for me. LifeTrek Provision I ran into one of my coaching tip subscribers on Thursday night. “I can hardly wait,” she told me, “to get back from my […]

Provision #168: Be Great

Laser Provision Do not be afraid. Be great to yourself; be great to others. Live with courage, boldness, and passion. Live as though you were never going to die. Take responsibility for your time, energy, commitment, and focus. Be great. LifeTrek Provision For the past five weeks I’ve been writing about healthy self-care. I’ve talked […]

Provision #167: Be Grounded

Laser Provision Healthy self-care means being grounded in a strong, personal foundation. This takes a regular discipline of meditation, stretching, and/or exercise. Use your body to heal your soul. LifeTrek Provision Last week’s issue of LifeTrek Provisions, “Be Gentle,” prompted some discussion by its implication that we can, in certain senses, do no wrong. Even bad […]