Provision #168: Be Great

Laser Provision Do not be afraid. Be great to yourself; be great to others. Live with courage, boldness, and passion. Live as though you were never going to die. Take responsibility for your time, energy, commitment, and focus. Be great. LifeTrek Provision For the past five weeks I’ve been writing about healthy self-care. I’ve talked […]

Provision #167: Be Grounded

Laser Provision Healthy self-care means being grounded in a strong, personal foundation. This takes a regular discipline of meditation, stretching, and/or exercise. Use your body to heal your soul. LifeTrek Provision Last week’s issue of LifeTrek Provisions, “Be Gentle,” prompted some discussion by its implication that we can, in certain senses, do no wrong. Even bad […]

Provision #166: Be Gentle

Laser Provision Healthy self-care means being gentle with yourself and with others. Don’t kick yourself about what could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve been. Instead, look for love in any and every situation. That is, after all, the point. LifeTrek Provision Last weekend was a holiday weekend in the United States of America, Independence Day, and so […]

Provision #165: Be Generous

Laser Provision Healthy self-care leads us to be generous with our time, energy, and resources. Our cup overflows with love. And that can make all the difference in the world. LifeTrek Provision The Chautauqua Institution on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in western New York State is a family favorite for summer vacation. We’ve gone […]

Provision #164: Be Gracious

Laser Provision Healthy self-care leads to an attitude of gratitude, and gratitude leads to graciousness. We’re so happy to be alive that we become less demanding and more understanding of others. LifeTrek Provision Last week I talked about gratitude as a sure sign that you’re taking good care of yourself. When your routine includes regular […]