Parenting Pathway #144: Can You Say, Edamame?

Edamame (pronounced ed-duh-MAH-may) are fully cooked green soybeans still in their pods that can be found either fresh in the produce department, when in season, or in the frozen food section of most food markets. Simply boil the pods in water for a few minutes, then pop the soybeans right from their pods into your mouth.

Even without knowing for sure how to correctly pronounce the Japanese word, my children love Edamame. They have great fun twisting the furry pods and popping the beans into their mouths. They taste like a lightly salted soft peanut and guess what? They’re a highly nutritious snack choice!

One cup of shelled Edamame has nearly 23 grams of plant-based, complete, high-quality protein and 6 grams of dietary fiber. Also, soybeans are the best-known source of isoflavones, which reduce the risk of heart disease, hormone-related cancers, and age-related macular degeneration (a common cause of vision loss), to name a few of their health benefits.

The next time your children reach for a bag of chips as their after school snack, hand them a bowl of furry green warm pods. Before you know it, they’ll be having fun twisting and popping the beans right into their mouths. They’ll be consuming a unique and healthy snack!

Coaching questions: What are the common snack choices available in your home? How nutritious are the snacks you provide for your children? How could you begin to introduce one healthy snack choice to your family each week?

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