Parenting Pathway #133: Capture a Child’s Words

“Dear God, please bless Mommy, Daddy, horses, cheerleaders, but not spiders and not monsters.” • Josephine, age 3.

Children often say the most interesting things that can touch a parent’s heart in a special and memorable way. Their words can easily make us laugh and make us cry, IF we’re listening. I make it a priority in my day, as much as possible, to be eye to eye with my children and do absolutely nothing but sit, enjoy being with them, and listen to their words. It is so important to me to be able to remember those things my children say or ask that make me smile, catch me by surprise, or bring a tear to my eye. 

I remember when my first daughter was born and people would say to me, “Don’t blink, she’ll be all grown up before you know it!” I’m learning what they meant. Time moves quickly and it is easy to forget the special moments in raising a child. 

As soon as my children started mumbling a few words, I began to keep a journal of the things they said and questions they asked that touched my heart. In this journal, I write down the date, the quote, who said it, and my thoughts/feelings about their words. I keep this journal on my end table in my family room, so it is easily assessable and so I remember to write in it when I want to capture my children’s words. 

My 5-year-old daughter was recently asked by a teacher what her favorite book and author are and she answered: “My favorite book is my Mom’s journal of the things me and my sister say.” Often, we read it and in doing so it brings laughter and tears to our space. Reading the journal together, is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond we share and deepen our relationship. It is my favorite book too. 

This week I invite you to begin to capture you child’s words that touch your heart by starting a journal.

Coaching Inquiries: How can I be more present with my children? What is the gift for me in keeping a journal of my child’s statements and questions?

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