Parenting Pathway #124: Work / Life Balance

Achieving balance between work and life can be challenging to say the least, especially for parents. And the definition of work / life balance changes from one individual to the next. But it certainly has something to do with balancing the amount of time we desire to spend earning a living with the amount of time we desire to spend on the rest of life.

The key is to know exactly what we desire. Our busy lives often get in the way of defining for ourselves what exactly “we desire” here. But the following principles have worked well for my coaching clients who are in the process of balancing work and life.

  • Define your values and begin to arrange your life so you can live by them.
  • Define your priorities and begin to live by them. (For example, raising your family, earning a specific income, etc.)
  • Ask for what you want! Regardless of the culture and organizational requirements, schedules, etc.
  • Just say NO! And share your reasoning.
  • Build a support structure to help you keep your life aligned with your values and priorities.
  • Keep your promises and commitments ALWAYS!
  • Never settle for “that is just the way it is.”
  • Share your story.
  • Be open and willing to accept a major life change. For example, living by your values and priorities may bring a change of career or in organization and even from working for a company as an employee to becoming self employed, etc.

Each of these principles are supported by specific coaching tools that help engage a client in finding the clarity necessary to build work / life balance. Sound interesting? Then accept my invitation to experience a complimentary telephone coaching session and begin your journey toward work / life balance.

Coaching Inquiries: What is getting in the way of work / life balance? What are you willing to change to achieve that balance? How would life be different if all your desires were balanced?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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