Parenting Pathway #123: The Power of Patience

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” • Franklin P. Jones

As a parent of two highly energetic young girls, I rely heavily on the power of patience. However, I would not describe myself as innately patient. In fact, the idea of “moving slowly” to me often bumps up against one of my greatest values: make the most of every moment. My experience is that learning and applying patience in every possible situation with my children is priceless and challenging. 

Here are a few strategies that I use to help me rely on the power of patience:

  • When I’m feeling rushed or impatient, I remind myself to stop and listen to what I’m saying. When I find myself using phrases like: “Come on”…”Let’s go!”…”Hurry up!”…”I’m waiting!”, I stop, breathe, and ask myself: “What is the hurry and is it really worth this rushing?”
  • Stop and think before you speak. Then say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Refocus your energy away from the “waiting” to something productive.
  • Remember modeling patience teaches your children to also be patient.
  • Give your children a “heads up.” When you really do need them to move quickly, explain why in advance.
  • Remind yourself the more patient you are with your children today, the more likely they’ll be patient with you as you age!

Coaching Inquiries: What does it cost me when I forget to appreciate the moment? How do I model patience for my children? How can practicing the power of patience serve me?

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