Parenting Pathway #122: Write Your Prediction

My husband, two daughters and I take part in a very special family tradition to kick off the New Year. It is a wonderful way for us to begin to dream about what the New Year will bring and also a way to capture our hopes, dreams, and wishes for one another. 

During the month of December we begin to decorate a small shoe box with scraps of wrapping paper, cut outs of holiday symbols, paint, and holiday stickers. We make a small slit in the top of the box. Then a few days before the end of the year each family member gets a piece of paper on which they write down their wishes and dreams they have for themselves for the New Year. Each family member drops their wish into the box. Then we each select someone else’s wish from the box. 

For the family member’s wish we’ve selected, we each write a prediction story. In other words, we read the wish then we write a story about what we want for that family member in the New Year. At this point, with three and five year old daughters, I assist them to write the prediction story for the family member they selected. My children articulate the story and I write down exactly what they say. 

We slip the wishes and prediction stories into the box, seal it, and put it away until the end of the New Year. Then the fun really begins as we break open the box we made in the previous year. Each family member reads the wish story they wrote down for themselves and also the prediction story written for them by another family member. Of course, our daughters need help with the reading. It is so exciting to look back at what we wrote down one year ago, realize if our wishes came true, and read about what another family member predicted for us.

Last year, I selected my oldest daughter’s wish. The prediction story I wrote for her included many things, some of which were that she would start kindergarten, fall in love with her teacher, make new friends, say good bye to old friends, begin to learn to read, grow so tall that she wouldn’t fit into her favorite dress, become her little sister’s best friend, try new foods, new activities and visit new places and more. The prediction story is a treasure to her, which she appreciates greatly even at a young age. Each year we add the wishes and prediction stories to our family scrapbook.

This tradition has been a wonderful way for our family to bond, share our hopes and dreams, and to understand what is important to each other. I invite you and your family to end this year and ring in the New Year with this special tradition of wishes and predictions.

Coaching Inquiries: What is it that I REALLY want for myself in the New Year? What is most important for me to have in my life? Who is it that I want to become in the New Year?

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