Parenting Pathway #118: What Is Your Energy Source?

One of the most important differences I experience in working with people of all ages is the distinction between extroversion and introversion. Having a preference for extroversion or introversion has an impact on the way we interact and react to our environment.

A person with a preference for extroversion receives his emotional energy from the environment around him, and especially by interacting with other people. He needs to be actively involved with things and with people to feel energetic. A person with a preference for introversion is recharged by being alone or by spending time with a special person. She needs space for quiet reflection about her own thoughts and ideas.

As parents, we can improve the health of our children by being aware of their nutritional needs for energy sources, as well as their emotional needs for energy sources. When we do not honor their emotional needs, a child’s internal energy bank becomes depleted leading to breakdowns, meltdowns and tantrums!

The next time you find your child acting out, conduct mental review of the day. If your child has a preference for extroversion did her day include:

  • Opportunity to talk about her thoughts and ideas?
  • Time with a group of peers and friends?
  • Plenty of hands-on, group activities?
  • An environment that encouraged group play?
  • Ample opportunity for expression?

If your child has a preference for introversion did his day include:

  • Opportunity for time alone (or with a special friend)?
  • Solitary activities such as talking a walk, quiet music, playing alone?
  • An environment that allowed for personal physical boundaries (not to be crowded, for example)?
  • Time for daydreaming and reflection?
  • Options for uninterrupted time to practice or work?

Coaching Inquiries: How did I help my child recharge today? What did I do to recharge myself today? Which conflicts can I now attribute to differences in emotional energy sources?

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