Parenting Pathway #109: A Child’s Pace

Last evening, as I was resting in my bedroom on the second floor, I heard my four-year-old daughter run from the playroom in the front of the house, to the basement, back to the first floor, outside, up the stairs to the bathroom and, finally, into my bedroom.

She runs everywhere she goes. For her, every moment is to be embraced, every space to be leapt into. Her pitter-patter made me think about how many adults lose that fervor for life • how we can so often be seen mulling joylessly through the day. I reflected on how I sometimes let an entire day go by without feeling excited about anything or looking forward to being anywhere.

Thankfully, we are not only teachers of our children, but students as well. So, tomorrow, take this child’s wisdom with you into the world. Arise from your rest, determined that something amazing and undiscovered is awaiting you. Assume that something magical could be around the next corner. And most certainly, don’t walk • run!

Coach Inquiries: Who are children in your life who can serve as your teachers? What are they trying to teach you?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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