Parenting Pathway #102: Instill the Inspiration for Work

Our children learn about the meaning of work from us. When we use phrases such as, “I have to work so we can buy food” or “I have to go to work or I’ll be in trouble with my boss” the message we send our children is that work is forced, dreaded, and a necessary evil. Though well intentioned, explanations such as these do not allow our children to learn about the joy of working, of using your skills, or of learning and living your passion.

It is our responsibility to instill in our children a belief that they will someday have the opportunity to work at something they love • that their days can be spent in fulfilling and meaningful ways. Look closely at the words you use to describe why you work. What do your children believe about the work you do? Are you positively inspiring your child to seek his passion? By your example, would she believe that she can achieve her dream job?

If you love your work, let your children know. If you don’t love your work, consider working with a coach to discover how your dream can be achieved.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you enjoy your work? What would your children say if we asked them that question? What are they learning from you about work? How could you make work a precious legacy, passed on from one generation to the next?

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