Provision #755: Stop Mental Musterbating

Laser Provision You read that Provision title right. The best thing we can do for our brains, in particular, and our happiness overall is to stop musterbating. You know what I mean: all those mental lists we keep of the things we “must” and “must not” do. Checklists are one thing, and many people find […]

Provision #754: Our Organizing Minds

Laser Provision Today’s Provision is an appreciative review of a new book co-authored by my friend and colleague, Margaret Moore, the CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. The premise of the book is simple: to organize our lives we must first […]

Provision #751: The Subtle Energies of Intelligence

Laser Provision As people have sought to understand the workings of the brain, our imagination has often been limited and shaped by our technology. As the industrial revolution got underway, the brain and nervous system were understood in mechanical terms. With the advent of electricity and computers, they were understood in binary terms. Things were […]

Provision #750: Overwhelmed or Under Equipped?

Laser Provision Increasing numbers of articles and books are being published, mostly by those who are 30 and over, with a similar refrain: the stress we are feeling these days reflects the fact that our brains have not yet caught up to our wired, 24-7 world. The overwhelm that we feel is not a personal […]

Provision #749: Repetition Rewires the Brain

Laser Provision There was a time when I thought coaching was just about learning. Now I realize that it is also about unlearning. Learning and unlearning are two different, albeit related, processes. To unlearn things we have to grieve the loss of old familiar patterns and enjoy the discovery of new ones. To make those […]